Amba Resort

Places to Visit

Amba Ghat Kolhapur

The location Amba Ghat is quite well known for its beautiful natural surrounding and pleasant cool weather.This is the reason large number of national and international tourists are visiting this tourist centre almost in every season.Its height from sea level is 2100 ft.It is located on Kolhapur-Ratnagiri national highway NH 166 (Old NH 204) and this is the highest spot in Kolhapur district. Region beyond this is Konkan.In April & May daytime temperature of this area is 24 to 28 °c. while at night it 16 to 18 °c. There are a considerable number of places worth visiting and tourists feel a special pleasure of plucking and eating fruits like java plums or rose-apples.

Amba Ghat is the region rich in flora and fauna. The area is spotted with dense forest. With 'The Amba Resort' you can organize jungle tour to the forest with prior permission of the govt. The tour options are varied and includes jeep safari, bird watching, wan bhojan inside forests etc.which costs Rs.1300 / 10 people.

Ambeshwar Temple

An ancient temple of Shree Ambeshwar, which is considered active enough to respond to devotees prayers.

Manoli Dam

Manoli dam and dense jungle behind it.


A spot popularly known as Waghzara (where tigers come to drink water).

Vishalgad Fort

Vishalgad fort is about 1130 metres that is 3630 feet.It was one of the important forts of Shivaji Maharaja and Maratha Empire. The name 'Vishalgad' meaning grand fort in Marathi, was given by Shivaji Maharaj after annexing it for the Maratha Empire in 1659.


Sparkling blue waters, endless stretches of golden or silver sand, sun beams dancing through the swaying palms, waves playing with the sand dunes, a cool breeze whispering sweet nothings in your ear. This is the land of Ganpatipule, one of Maharashtra's almost virgin beaches. Nestled in the greenery is a nearly 4000 year old landmark the Swayambhu Ganpati Temple (Swayambhu means a self-originated idol, Ganapati). It is flooded by thousands of devotees and tourists every year. Ganpatipule, the Lord of the 'ganas' or army and "pule" means sand dunes. It is one of the 'Ashta Ganapatis' (eight Ganpatis) of India and is known as 'Paschim Dwar Dewata' (Western Sentinel God). Ganapatipule is a small village.


Pawas, a village with captivating natural beauty. This is a prime spiritual place in Ratnagiri district due to a very long stay of Swami (saint) Swaroopanand. Swami Swaroopanand was a follower of Warkari Sampraday ( Tradition).

The real name of Swamiji is Ramchandra but he was popularly and affectionately recognized as "Appa" or "Rambhau" . He born on 15th December 1903 at Pawas. His father's name was Shri. Vishupant Godbole and mother's name was Sou. Rakhamabai Godbole. Rambhau (Appa) had his primary education up to fifth standard at Pawas and secondary education at Ratnagiri. For his higher secondary education he had admitted to Aaryan Education Society's high school at Mumbai in 1919. The special "Spiritual and Religious training" was offered in this school.

Panhala Fort

Panhala fort is located in Panhala, 20 kilometres northwest of Kolhapur in Maharashtra, India. It is strategically located looking over a pass in the Sahyadri mountain range which was a major trade route from Bijapur in the interior of Maharashtra to the coastal areas. Due to its strategic location, it was the centre of several skirmishes in the Deccan involving the Marathas, the Mughals and the British East India Company, the most notable being the Battle of Pavan Khind. Here, the queen regent of Kolhapur, Tarabai, spent her formative years. Several parts of the fort and the structures within are still intact.


इ.स.२ मार्च १६६० रोजी सिद्दी जोहरने पन्हाळयास वेढा दिला होता यावेळी छत्रपती शिवाजीराजे पन्हाळा किल्ल्यावर अडकून पडले होते.मुसळधार पावसात सुध्दा सिद्दी वेढा सोडावयास तयार नव्हता.या कठीण प्रसंगी महाराजांनी सिध्दीस तहाचा निरोप धाडला त्यामुळे सिध्दी गाफील राहिला.शिवा काशीद नावाच्या मावळ्याने छत्रपतींच्या वेशात सिध्दी जोहर यास तहाची बोलणी करण्यात गुंतवून छत्रपतींना पन्हाळ्याहून निसटण्यास पुरेसा अवधी दिला.शिवा काशीद चे खरे रूप कळल्यावर सिध्दीने त्यांस ठार केले,तोवर छत्रपती विशाळगडाच्या वाटेवर होते. छत्रपती शिवरायांनी पन्हाळ्यावरून,विशाळगडाकडे पलायन केल्याचे समजल्या- नंतर,सिद्दीने,सिद्दी मसूदला छत्रपतींच्या मागावर पाठवले व त्यांचा पाठलाग चालू झाला.मसूदच्या सैन्याने मराठ्यांना घोडखिंडीत गाठले,अशावेळी बाजीप्रभूंनी छत्रपतींना विशाळगडावर पोहोचून तोफानी इशारा करत नाहीत तोवर ही खिंड लढवली जाईल असे सांगितले.घोडखिंडीतील अतिशय चिंचोळ्या वाटेमुळे मराठ्यांनी मसूदच्या सैनिकांची कत्तल आरंभली,शरीराला असंख्य जखमा झाल्या असतानाही बाजीप्रभू,फ़ुलाजी,संभाजी जाधव,बांदल यांनी मोठा पराक्रम गाजविला. महाराज विशाळगडावर पोहोचल्यानंतर तोफांचा गजर झाला.इकडे घोडखिंडीत बाजीप्रभूने तोफांचा आवाज ऎकल्यानंतरच समाधानाने आपला जीव सोडला.या युध्दात मराठ्यांचे जवळपास सर्वच ३०० मावळे कामी आले तर मसूदचे जवळपास ३००० सैनिक मारले गेले.बाजीप्रभू व इतर मावळ्यांच्या पराक्रमाने घोडखिंड पावनखिंड म्हणून इतिहासात अमर झाली.